The Street Geekz Family is a Company that is dedicated to shining a light on the individuals and youth from local neighborhoods that are making a positive impact in our communities. We provide a media platform that shares resources and information from various areas and are currently producing four shows/podcast. They are The Sunday Street Podcast, in which we focus on interviewing local business owners; Drena Finds Out, hosted by Drena Ozene, where she goes out and gathers important information about politics, health, culture, family, and events taking place in the community and sharing it with our watchers; and last but certainly not least, we partner with Shabazz McClellan and SMACM Athletix.

As The Street Geekz’s audience continues to advance, we are pursuing various avenues to develop and expand while also adding different segments to our platforms. The Street Geekz are currently looking for sponsorships in exchange for commercial and advertising space. We would like for your company to join us in our efforts of making a positive impact in the communities that we live in by providing a platform of this magnitude. With three different potential audiences, you will have the choice of which audience you would like to advertise to. We are certain that your company as well as ours will benefit from this Win-Win Partnership. There is an attachment letter connected to the proposal with various advertisement options that we are confident to interest you in connecting, supporting, and sharing the journey with us, and the journey of us with your peers as we move forward.


"Sunday Street"

The Sunday Street Podcast was started at the top of the Coronavirus-19 Pandemic. Although we were seeing a rise in hobbyist who eventually became small business owners with their talents, there weren’t many outlets other than social media for them to advertise, market, and share insight for people to hear about their products as well as establish a clientele. Every Sunday we diligently work to sit down with a local business owner and give them the opportunity to advertise their business and/or products. Currently we have recored and produced 50+ Sunday Street episodes with many more on the way.

"Drena Finds Out"

Drena Finds Out was started in August of 2020 at the beginning of the our Local, State, and National election season. This past election season was extremely important, but we didn’t think people were being fully informed on a level of understanding about some of the candidates, positions, nor topics on the ballot. Therefore, we went out to the candidates offices, did our homework and interviewed individuals in political positions of City Councilmen/women, Judges, School Board Members, and others pursuing a position in public office. Once election season came to an end, our viewers interest highlighted to us that their were several more topics and concerns that needed to be addressed in our communities. As a result of the Street Geekz Platform “Drena Finds Out” has been able to secure airing time every Wednesday evening during the 6 o’clock hour on The People’s Station JZ94.5 continuing to share insight. Drena is actively on air with Tabari Daniels, Radio Personality and they discuss what “Drena Finds Out.”

"SMACM World Athletix"

SMACM Athletix is owned and operated by Shabazz McClellan. Street Geekz partners with SMACM in production of two shows, “Bazz and Bingo” and “SMACM World Sports.” Bazz and Bingo, hosted by Shabazz himself and Seneca “Bingo” Hampton, is based on high school sports. Currently we focus on football but our plan is to cover all sports the youth of our local schools are engaged in. We highlight players of the week, give weekly tips, and cover all games along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. SMACM World Sports focuses more on the notable athletes. We complete interviews, discuss their journey in the game, and history lessons on some of the players that have come before us.

Rather it be in your interest or not, we would like to take the time to Thank You for your time and consideration. The Street Geekz Family along with our partnering companies will continue to strive and contribute to the Bettering and Success of the Business, Youth, and Families from the communities we all live in.