The Shakeylia Anderson Foundation For Empowerment, better known as S.A.F.E., was started in 2019 with efforts to give young ladies confidence and another outlet to express themselves. Our formula for success is to surround the girls with positive women in the community who can teach them basic and sometimes complex ways to deal with life. In this internet and social media era that our kids are growing up in, negativity is easily accessible. Problematic issues such as bullying and peer pressure are at an all time high. While extra curricular activities are being removed from the schools and communities, the children aren’t left with many other outlets and that increases the chances of them getting into trouble and making bad decisions. We are all familiar with the old saying “an idle mind is the devil’s playground” and that saying is especially true for young adults learning to navigate their way through life.

       Due to Covid-19 and the quarantine guidelines we had to stop having physical meetings. We attempted to convert over to virtual meetings via Zoom but our program was still new and that deemed to be too challenging. During these months we have had time to plan, regroup, and we are now ready to get back started. Initially, our program was only for young women that were twelve years old through high school. Moving forward we plan to open our program up to both males and females.  We plan to keep the age range the same because we believe that around the age of twelve is when kids begin to be more responsible for their decisions they are making.via

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