DeVireo Anderson

Creator of Street Geekz & Sunday Street

Drena Finds Out w/ Mrs. Judy Lombard-Barkum

This week Drena sat down with Mrs. Judy Lombard-Barkum, member of the Gulf Coast Kwanzaa Coalition. They discussed some of the traditions and misconceptions about kwanzaa. Mrs. Lombard-Barkum told about about their plans this year for kwanzaa while dealing with the pandemic.

Sunday Street w/ Orien Cleveland

This week on Sunday Street we sat down with Orien Cleveland and talked about his passion for cooking and his business Fat Matays. We also discussed family and future plans for 2021.

Drena Finds Out w/ Yolanda Jerry

Join Drena this week for a sit down with Dr. Yolanda Jerry while they discuss dealing with holiday trauma and missing loved ones during the holiday season. Tune in for “The 8 Key Points” to help you get through what may be the best time of year for some but the hardest for others.

Sunday Street w/ Natalie Sims: Signature Faces

This week on Sunday Street we had the pleasure of sitting down with Ms. Natalie Sims, creator of Signature Faces. She talked about her journey in the make-up business and her plans moving forward into 2021. This weeks episode also featured charcuterie boards that’s was gifted to us by Saint Yvonne’s.

The Sit Down w/ Nefew Courtenay & Young Canon

Sit Down with Nefew Courtenay and Young Canon while they talk about music on the Gulf Coast and Young Canon’s journey. He also discussed some of the people that he has worked with and his new business venture with Authentic Empire . Canon also brought his road manager KC the BarberKing.

Sunday Street w/ Maurice Ben of Nappy Beards

Check out this weeks episode of Sunday Street with Maurice Ben, founder of Nappy Beards. Nappy Beards is a beard grooming company recently started by Maurice. He, along with his wife Mrs. Krystal Ben of Hair Fetish, is creating a family legacy all based on hair. They have two beautiful daughters that’s the face of Just Kidding. We also have another week of “Melody With The Tea” with all the… Read More »Sunday Street w/ Maurice Ben of Nappy Beards

Sunday Street w/ Abra Taylor

Check out this weeks episode of Sunday Street w/ Abra Taylor. Abra is heavily involved in mentoring young black men on the Gulf Coast. He is part founder of “The League of Distinguished Gentleman” and “Gulf Coast Outreach Leadership.” We also discussed the presidential election and the importance of the black vote as well as black banking.

“Street Lights” w/ Money Mitch ( Recipe )

“Street Lights” is a show produced by Street Geekz that’s brought to you to showcase talent on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. First up we have Money Mitch with his new single “Recipe” Tune in every week to and stay updated with the rest of our content.